How to add an email account

To add a new email address:

1. Type the email address to be created in the Email field.

  • If you manage more than one domain, make sure to select the appropriate domain from the pull-down menu.

2. Type the password in the Password field.
3. Retype the password in the Password (again) field.
* You can click the Password Generator link to have a strong password generated for you.
4. Type the quota in the Mailbox Quota field.

  • The quota defines how much hard drive space the account will be allowed to use.
  • PICK Important: Due to mail server constraints, quotas cannot be greater than 2048 MB. Quotas exceeding this amount must be unlimited.

5. Click Create Account.


How to log into Webmail

Webmail is a great feature offered by cPanel. You can access email from any PC connected to the Internet. There are two ways to log into the default webmail supplied with cPanel. Type the following information into the browser.

If the domain name has propagated type:

You can also access it by going through the default webmail port number of 2095 .Below if an example.

If the domain has propagated type:

Once you goto the address above, you will be prompt for you user name and password. Try not to get stumpted. Be aware, it is not asking you for your cpanel user name and password.

In the user name section, type your full e-mail address. (Example:
In the password section, provide the password which you provided when you created the email account. Then hit enter.

You are now logged into webmail.

How to create an autoresponder

An, autoresponder is a great tool to have for your website. It is basically there to provide customers with understanding that their email was received. To create an autoresponder, please do the following:

1. Click Mail
2. Click Auto-responders
3. Click Add Auto-Responder
4. In the box next to “Email:” Type the beginning part of the email address you wish to have an auto responder for.
5. In the drop down menu to the right of “@” select the domain for which the email is associated with.
6. In the box to the right of “From:” provide the from user
7. In the box to the right of Subject, provide the subject for which you would like the autoresponder to have. If you leave it default, It will be a reply with the same subject that the user wrote in their email
8. In the drop down menu to the right of Character set, please provide a character set you wish the email to be set in.
9. You may select the check box to the right of HTML Message if you would like the body of the email to contain HTML. If you leave it blank, HTML tags with show up as plain text
10. In the big text area underneath “Body:” Provide the body of the message you wish to be sent in the autoresponder.
11. Click Create / Modify

You have now just set up an auto responder. If someone sends an email to the email address you specified, and email with be automatically sent back to them with the info you have provided.

How to enable/disable Spam Assassin

Spam Assassin is a great anti-spam tool. I recommend to activate it as soon as you create an account or log in for the first time. To ENABLE / DISABLE spam assassin please do the following:

1. Click Mail
2. Click SpamAssassin
3. Click “Enable SpamAssassin” to enable SpamAssassin
4. Click “Disable SpamAssassin” to disable SpamAssassin

You have now just enabled / disabled SpamAssassin

How to set the catch-all e-mail address

Be careful when you set up a default address due to possibly becoming a victim of spam. A default address allows all unrouted email to be sent to a particular email address, rather than bouncing. To set up a catch-all e-mail address please do the following:

1. Click Mail
2. Click “Default Address
3. Click Set Default Address
4. In the drop down menu to the right of “Send all unrouted e-mail for:” select the domain name for which you would like the email for which is sent to a non active email account to goto.
5. In the box to the right of “to:” provide the email address for which you would like all unrouted email to be sent to.
6. You may also enter :blackhole: or :fail: if you would like the emails to not goto any email address
7. Please be aware , by have all unrouted email goto an email box, you might reiceve a large amount of unwanted emails or see that your email box will get bigger.

You have just created a catch-all e-mail address.