How to install a script using Fantastico

Fantastico is a great addition to cPanel, which allows users to install the great open source software in just a few clicks. To install a script useing fantastico, please do the following:
1. Click Fantastico
2. Click on the script which you would like to install.
3. You will now see the details for the script. This includes a description, the vendors website and a fee other details.
4. Click the text which says “New Installation
5. You will now be prompt to enter some information about the site. This information is different between each script. On all scripts the most important thing is to enter a user name and password to be able to access the script admin area.
6. Follow the instructions until you get to the last page.
7. The last page has some good information for which you may want to print or write down. It will provide you with the link to access the admin section of the script.

You have now just installed a script using Fantastico.

How to remove a script from fantastico

There may be a time when you would like to remove a script which was installed through Fantastico. If the script was installed through fantastico, I recommend to remove it through fantastico as well. Just as easy as it is to install a fantastico script, it it just as easy to remove it. To remove a fantastico script, please do the following:

1. Click Fantastico
2. Click the name of the script that is currently installed.
3. Click the remove icon and follow the preceding directions.

This will uninstall all the files, databases, and users associated with the script in just a few clicks.