How to add a package in WHM.

Before you can have an account created in WHM, you will need to create a package.

Once logged into WHM, go to Add a Package under Packages.

Give a name to the package in the blank for New Package Name.


Quota (MB): This will be the disk space available for any account set up using this package.

Bandwidth (MB): This will be the bandwidth available for accounts using this package.

Max FTP Accounts: The number of FTP accounts that can be created in the account’s cPanel.

Max Email Accounts: The number of email addresses can can be created in cPanel.

Max Email Lists: The number of email lists that can be created in cPanel.

Max Databases: The number of databases that can be created in cPanel.

Max Subdomains: The number of subdomains (ie: that can be created in cPanel.

Max Parked Domains: The number of parked domains that can be set up in cPanel.

Max Addon Domains: The number of additional domains/sites the cPanel can host.


Dedicated IP: Only check this if you want accounts being set up with this package to automatically have a Dedicated IP assigned to them.

Select Options: You can check or uncheck the options for Shell Access, Frontpage Extensions and CGI Access, depending on what you want the accounts to have access to.

cPanel Theme: The default cPanel theme that is set for this account when created with this package.

Feature List: If you ever set up a custom Feature List, you select it here.

Locale: The language that the cPanel will be using.

When done, click on Add.

How do I log into the Web Host Manager? (WHM)

To log into your WHM, you can go to any of the following links. Just make sure to customize the links as necessary.

If you have run out of bandwidth, try one of these:


Please watch our movie tutorial over how to login to WHM.

There are a few ways to log into WHM. The best way depends on if your domain name has propagated yet.

http://yourIPaddress/whm (Example:

If the domain name is already propagated, then you can use the domain name to log into cpanel. Here is an example: or